2 = printed, in print, paper-based, print-based.
Ex. Other indexes based on titles, both printed and machine-held, may provide access to words other than the first in a title.
Ex. It also shows what information is available in print, and in other media such as gramophone records, filmstrips, etc on topics of current interest.
Ex. Moving from traditional paper-based publishing system to publishing in electronic form on CD-ROM is not a straightforward task.
Ex. Universities in the UK still have predominantly print-based libraries unlike colleges and polytechnics which now provide a similar range of course and most of which have multimedia libraries.
* aparecer impreso = appear + in print.
* catálogo impreso = printed catalogue.
* catálogo impreso en forma de libro = printed book catalogue.
* colección impresa = print set.
* ejemplar impreso = printed copy.
* formato impreso = hard copy print-out.
* impreso de antemano = preprinted.
* impreso en papel = paper-printed.
* impreso en seco = blind-tooled.
* índice impreso = printed index.
* libro impreso en pastas duras = board book.
* materia impresa = printed matter.
* material impreso = print, offline material, printed material.
* material no impreso = non-print [nonprint], non-print media.
* mención específica del formato de música impresa = musical presentation statement.
* mundo de la letra impresa, el = print world, the.
* mundo impreso, el = print world, the.
* obra impresa = printed work.
* palabra impresa = words in print.
* palabra impresa, la = printed word, the.
* personas con problemas de lectura de la letra impresa = print disabled people.
* pliego impreso = printed sheet.
* recurso impreso = print resource.
* reproducción impresa = blowback.
* resultado impreso = print output.
* texto impreso = letterpress, printed text.
* trabajo impreso = printed work.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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